Memories We Cherish:

Called by God

by Cornelia John Baptist (later Martin)

Two and a half years ago, I returned to Dominica with great joy to work among my own people. The burden on my heart was how to reach them with good literature. As I prayed, the Lord showed me I should go to the villages and towns with the Source of Light Bible correspondence course. The Lord gave me a wonderful promise from Joshua chapter one, so I went in the strength of the Lord and the Lord did go before.

Often I was rejected and mocked when knocking on doors, but I praise God for the many who took the course and Bibles, books and tracts and the Caribbean Challenge [a magazine published for many years by CLC in Jamaica]. I walked many miles each day to reach those hungry hearts with good literature. I shall never forget a youth who said to me, “Miss, I want to live a better life than I do. The ‘Challenge’ is the best literature I ever read in my life”. Praise God for that hungry heart and for the young man and the young woman I was able to lead to the Lord.
(Floodtide Nov/Dec 1961)

Cornelia John Baptist in Dominica

Davis Laudat Shares About Evangelism Beyond the Bookshop

Over the past decade, we have seen a growth in the number of customers due to our many annual activities. One of these is our book table promotions held just outside the bookshop, which highlight the importance of reading good Christian literature – especially the Bible. This has also strengthened our witness through evangelism and our sales. We use occasions such as Easter and the Christmas season to communicate the Gospel to passers-by. We also have CLC broadcasts on a radio station to encourage the public through music and the Word of God. One other way in which we make use of the radio is by playing programmes from the Voice of Life radio station, with music and the Christian message from small speakers at the entrance to the bookshop.

All this has been possible because of the faithfulness of our God, Jehovah Jireh. Let Him be praised forever!

The speaker outside the CLC bookshop in Dominica

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