Open for Almost 70 Years!

Even if Only a PO Box Number at Times!

CLC Liberia was one of the first countries to open a bookshop in Monrovia, in 1947, under the leadership of Herb and Marion Congo. The history of the CLC ministry has been chequered by opening and closing at times, mainly due to civil war, but hope has never dwindled that CLC would maintain a presence in this country – even if at times it was only a PO Box that signified our presence. When CLC closed for a number of years (1996-2012), it was a faithful staff member, Isaac Dweh, who kept this CLC postal address active.

Young Girl going to the Monrovia Bookshop

A ‘Forever Grateful’ Moment:

James Cooper shares their Miracle from God during a Very Difficult Year

We wish to thank the Almighty God for those lives that were impacted through our products and services during 2014 – a year which also had its challenges. Sales were not encouraging during the first half of the year, and then there was an increase in the number of Ebola cases; people were dying, everywhere with between 75 to 150 deaths daily. Our government and medical health authorities were overwhelmed. To reduce personal contacts, all schools were closed indefinitely, and Government agencies sent all of their non-essential employees on compulsory leave. Foreign-owned businesses were also closed and their owners left the country.

Then the miracle happened – our daily sales in the shop increased! Whether it was because people wanted to be close to God during those trying times or not, we started having customers come into the shop every day and making huge purchases. Since then, our sales continue to be encouraging, and we have many new customers.

CLC Liberia - The Manager James Cooper and his wife

Feature article:

USA & Liberia Join Forces for Liberian Pastors’ Summits

Liberia Pastors' Summit

In March, 2014, CLC facilitated and supported the first Pastors’ Summit that was held over a few days in the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia, Liberia – the church from which CLC rents its adjoining bookshop. This time was greatly appreciated by the 243 pastors who attended, and it was recommended that the meeting should become an annual event.

A ‘refresher’ summit was held in 2015; then, in March 2016, a Pastors’ Summit was held once again. Dave Almack and Gerardo Scalante attended the event and Dave wrote afterwards: “Our week in Liberia was spent with Dr. Tony Hart and Pastor Sam Reeves hosting a Pastors’ Summit for 300 pastors. The teaching was rich and varied and greatly appreciated by all. The CLC Liberia team, led by James Cooper, sponsored a large book table every day, and we were able to give away a package of five books from CLC USA Publications to each of the attendees at the end of the week.”

One of the pastors who attended the event was in contact with the CLC International Office about a different matter but said the following about the Summit: “The Lord Jesus blessed my life at that conference that I feel I am a new man. I now see ministry goals differently; my leadership style differently; my perception of my family and everything differently. I am saving up for next year’s conference, the Lord willing, to have more pastors and church leaders from my church to attend. I am also sharing the Word with other pastors in my local area.”

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