A New Development

by Dave Almack

Jay and Jean Krause became aware of the need for foreign language Bibles and Christian books in the US more than 30 years ago — so they did something about it. Forming Multi-Language Media (MLM), they began distributing resources in more than 80 different languages to various individuals, bookstores and churches.

Approaching their retirement, they recalled the help they had received from Magdi Fahim, Dave Smith and other folks in CLC and WEC in the early days of MLM’s ministry. After some discussion, they ‘gifted’ their organisation to CLC USA. In June, 2016, MLM became a part of the CLC family, and the legacy of the Krause’s will continue.

Nihai Sorular - John Blanchard

A ‘Forever Grateful’ Moment:

Marge Almack Remembers Finding ‘The Castle’

On Thanksgiving Day in 1950, my family went for an afternoon drive. My Dad, Ken Adams, had been asked to work with the WEC USA leader to find a new property for the growing ministry. He had heard about a place affectionately referred to as ‘The Castle’, that just might be big enough. It was once the summer home of a wealthy Philadelphia socialite’, but it was in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately, it had been abandoned for a few years and only thieves and looters had been visiting recently. As they pulled up, my Mum, Bessie, hardly wanted to get out of the car as things were in such a state of disrepair with all the windows missing. My Dad however, popped out, looked around and said, “Bess, this place has possibilities. Let’s see if any of the doors are open.” Gently pushing a side door open, Jan and I, loving our father’s adventurous spirit, went running up the stairs to the second floor of the building to explore. We came to a rapid halt on discovering a man with a rope hiding in an alcove. He was obviously up to no good. I screamed for my Dad and the man ran off and disappeared.

The Lord gave us (WEC/CLC) the entire property with 66 acres for the amazing price of $60,000, and this once run down ‘castle’ ultimately became the joint home of CLC and WEC and has been the US headquarters location for over 60 years now.

The Adams Family

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