Reasons to Give Thanks to God

by Humberto Urrutia

As we are celebrating 68 years of ministry in CLC Uruguay, we want to honour each and every person who has preceded us. We have seen CLC Uruguay sustained and advancing. Even though it has been a small advance, we now have two bookshops, a website and a mobile ministry that covers the country. Most importantly, we also have a CLC team doing this important work, and our prayer is that the Lord will send us more workers so that day by day we can advance a little more. To God be the glory.

Jake and Dena Prins recall their time with CLC

We received the call to Christian literature when Ken Adams, founder and Director of CLC, came in April, 1957, to our Bible School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Jake was a student. In March, 1958, we made the long road trip from Edmonton, Canada, to the Fort Washington Headquarters to become candidates. Then, following the Lord’s leading, we and our two sons, Andy and Tim, then travelled to Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1961.

Jake eventually became the CLC Bookstore manager. We returned to the States in 1978 (with a few furloughs in between) when the ministry was passed into national hands. We praise the Lord that, after all these years, the CLC ministry in Uruguay is still going strong! We still pray daily for the CLC ministry.

Outside new bookshop in Uruguay

Uruguay’s Mobile Ministry

Gerardo Scalante and his wife Silvia served CLC first in Uruguay, their home country, before moving on to CLC Panama and then working with CLC in the International Office when Gerardo became Regional Director for the Americas.

Other People Who Have Travelled to or from CLC Uruguay Over the Years Include:

Betram and Margaret Jones, Doreen Burton, Gladys Brownlee, Pedro and Fresia Vega (from Chile) and Tony and Joan Montague (from the UK). Angel y Sonia Colasa went from CLC Uruguay to CLC Panama, and Arturo Rojas, from Uruguay, became the Regional Director for Latin America for many years. Humberto Urrutia, the current National Director, and his wife Nélida have moved to Uruguay from CLC Chile.

Current team in Uruguay

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