by Satoru Nakano

In 2016, CLC Japan will publish a book written by Pastor Izuda, who has written two books previously published by CLC. Pastor Izuda is a pioneer in the field of care for the elderly, and his book is written using Biblical text from Paul’s letters. We plan to print 1,500 books in paperback format so the book will not be too expensive, and we hope that many people will be touched by the message in this book.

* This book is also significant because the number of Japanese people aged 65 years or older nearly quadrupled in the last forty years to 33 million in 2014, accounting for 26% of Japan’s population.

Interesting History:

In 1948, the General Secretary of the American Bible Society reported that General D. McArthur [a larger-than-life and controversial character who commanded the southwest Pacific in World War 2] asked for more copies of the Scriptures to be sent to Japan to satisfy the ‘insatiable demand’ for them there. 

The Society planned to supply Japan with 1,725,000 Bibles, all of which were printed in Japan. Japanese Christian leaders also asked for two and a half million Testaments and 700,000 Gospels. 

(Floodtide 1949)

Japan Bookshop


CLC Japan has had a commercial website for over 10 years. Although sales are small, many people visit the site. Because there are so many publishers, it is hard to manage the site, but we have over 5,000 products available. The website is linked to Facebook, a platform where many publishers and bookstores promote their information. We put out a daily report from our shops with information about events as well, and it has a good reputation among or customers.

Favourite Quotes:

Peter Horne (age 14) – Having just seen some slides about Japan at a Crusader class, Peter’s reaction was:  “Of course, I’m not going to be a missionary Lord, but that is where I’d like to go”. Years later, Peter and his wife Joy went to serve the Lord in Japan for 19 years.

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