Making Our Ministry Known in Chile and Beyond

by Isaac Zuñiga

Making our worldwide ministry known in Chile is a slow but steady process and commitment. As well as in meetings that we organise, we are invited to speak about CLC at conferences and churches. Another idea we have implemented is to link each of our bookshops with another CLC country. Both staff and customers are kept informed of our links with other CLC countries and, during July each year, there is the opportunity in the bookshops to give an offering to the specific country that shop is linked to. This has enriched our experience in the mission and has led to further blessing – being sent African outfits from one of our countries and a visit in 2014 by Jacob Mung, Director of CLC Myanmar.

CLC Chile staff in African costume

Good Links

Echoing the mission statement that God gave the founders of CLC to make “available to all nations” the message of the Word of God, here is one of the small steps CLC Chile has made to the fulfillment of this mission during 55 years of CLC service in the country.

In the 1970s, a large door was opened to us by the Lord to serve one of the country’s largest churches. Each year since then, CLC has had the opportunity to attend two conferences a year run by this denomination, with around 450 pastors, pastors’ wives and church leaders. This denomination does not have its own Bible School/training programme so, in a sense, CLC has provided training and literature for their pastors – books for preparing Bible studies throughout the year, books on leadership and books on family life. In addition, we have opportunities to visit their individual congregations and homes with our mobile ministry bookstore. The faithfulness of this church in buying books and their hospitality to CLC have been gifts from the Lord to CLC Chile.

Jacob Mung in Chile

Special Distribution Programme

For over 20 years, CLC Chile has operated a distribution programme called ‘Impacting Lives’. It is a very simple programme that consists of selecting a book on a regular basis that crosses denominational lines and has good content. The goal is to have at least a thousand units at an affordable price that can be publicised and distributed widely. The most ‘successful’ book of the programme so far is More than a Carpenter, with 140,000 units already distributed.

More than a Carpenter book in Spanish

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