Acting on Acts 3:6

by Arah Martin

CLC Antigua was born in 1961, giving us 55 years of grace and mercy in the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda. We give thanks that the Bible is still the most popular book in the shop — our best seller — and for the freedom we have to put this wonderful book into the hands of our customers. As a result, many lives have been changed. To God be all the Glory!

A young man came into the store seeking financial help and, like Peter, we were able to tell him that we did not have silver or gold but what we did have we could share with him. We shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and, right there, he gave his life to the Lord. We suggested a few good churches in his area where he could find a spiritual home, and we also gave him a little money specifically to meet his needs or to invest in something to provide him with a job. We suggested he got a Weed Wacker (a portable power tool used for cutting weeds and trimming lawn edges), and that is what he did. He still comes to the bookshop occasionally.

Such as I have, I give…

Acts 3:6

Favourite Quote:

The Advance into Antigua

by John Davey

It seems that every forward move we have ever made in the West Indies has been ‘by faith’, which is as it should be, though I confess that the flesh longs for sight sometimes. ‘Safety Saps Spirituality’ is still true, though, increasingly, it seems as though the whole trend is towards ‘earthly security’ and ‘safety down here’, even among Christians. Maybe earthly insecurity… is a better proposition for the spiritual person. So be it. (Excerpt: ‘On a Shoestring’, Floodtide, Jan/Feb 1962)

John and Edith Davey

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