Reaching Thousands

by Yohel Peña

Every year, during the month of August, the International Youth Congress is celebrated in the city of Merida with the participation of different people from Christian media, such as writers, singers and speakers. Over five days, thousands of young people come together from different cities in Venezuela and beyond. CLC Venezuela participates in this event every year with a range of resources which we have available for churches and individuals for their spiritual growth.

The International Book Fair, linked to the University of Carabobo, takes place in one of the busiest and biggest shopping centres in the city of Valencia. Over 80 national exhibitors and international guests participate. During the nine days of the book fair, there are book presentations, cultural activities and workshops, and over 400,000 visitors attend. CLC Venezuela has been able to participate in some of these Book Fairs, taking the opportunity to make Christian literature available and to present the ministry of CLC.

Venezuela International Book Fair in Carabobo

Praying for Protection

Insecurity is one of the problems that has been growing in Venezuela, and the commercial shopping centres have been trying to find ways to maximise security for staff and shoppers in these areas. However, despite these efforts, we are always hearing sad news reports regarding these public areas. In the Ivon shopping centre, where our Barcelona bookshop is located, we can testify to God’s protection and His continued care for us. One day, the niece of the owner of the shopping centre visited and she told us that she was completely sure that God was looking after the bookshop because it had remained open and safe—in fact, she thought that our prayers for safety had protected the whole commercial centre. She thanked us for our prayers — and we always do ask God to watch over each CLC bookshop and pray for the landlord of the building. God is faithful and we give Him the Glory.

Yanelvic Villael and Luis Henriquez from CLC Barcelona Venezuela

A ‘Forever Grateful’ Moment:

TV Publicity for CLC

For one week in May (1975), a Billy Graham programme was relayed on television at 10:30pm each evening. At the end of the programme, the telephone number of CLC Barquisimeto was flashed on to the screen and viewers were invited to ring for a free book or for help and advice. Cynthia Harbert (manager at the time) reported that over 250 telephone calls were received during the following days from many parts of the city.
(Floodtide Sept/Oct 1975)

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