The CLC Colombia team

Social Foundation

by David Pabon

CLC Colombia has a social arm to its ministry that is committed to helping the most vulnerable in society: defenseless children; single mothers; victims of violence; persons deprived of liberty; and the elderly and ethnic minorities, among others. We do this through humanitarian action, training and spiritual guidance. This is an opportunity to show the love of God, not only in distributing Christian literature, but also in meeting basic needs for food, education, health, housing, clothing, recreation, etc. Currently, we also support social community kitchens, addiction centres, evangelistic work in prisons and training for pastors, leaders and believers with an emphasis on both social and spiritual development.

*Although this Social Foundation is a requirement by law for Colombian companies the size of CLC, our team loves this aspect of their ministry! They always go above and beyond what the law requires; serving with their whole hearts.

Reminded of God’s Faithfulness

Among many stories, there is one that touches our hearts, reminds us of God’s faithfulness and reaffirms the purposes that he has put in our hearts. It has to do with the missionary Sophie Müller who, in the 1940s, dared to brave the dangerous journey through the Colombian interior to reach the Native Americans living in the Amazon jungle and, in particular, in the Guainia region. At one point during her years in Colombia, Sophie stayed for a while in the home of Patrick Symes, the founder of CLC Colombia, and this reveals a principle of CLC to support missionary work. Efforts to support this particular work have continued now for 40 years, through donations from CLC that are helping to pay for the theological training of the indigenous Guainía Christian leaders, for fuel so that journeys around this region can continue to encourage and support Christian leaders, and finance to support the local people who are assisting translators working to produce the Scriptures in native languages.

What’s Up With WhatsApp?

A woman came to one of our bookshops in search of a book for her daughter and a member of staff suggested Created to be His Help Meet, by Debi Pearl. The book made such an impact on the woman who received it that she decided to create a network of friends on WhatsApp where they could share excerpts from the book. This has generated a wave of interaction, and the network continues to grow to the point that today there are more than 2,000 women involved in Colombia and abroad. Now these women have decided to have their first international meeting, using the auditorium of our CLC headquarters in Bogota, to celebrate the opportunity to grow together through this book that has influenced their lives. We praise God and give glory to Him for allowing us to be the instrument that put this book into the hands of a woman who used it to transform the lives of others.

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