Starting to Publish

by Lidia Dimitrova

Recently, CLC Bulgaria has started publishing books with the encouragement of Gary Chamberlin (CLC Regional Director for Europe) and with financial help from the International Office. Without this support, it would have been impossible. This project is a great challenge for us and an opportunity to grow – both spiritually and as a CLC team. We are in the process of translating and publishing two books by Francis Chan, Crazy Love and You and Me Forever.

CLC Bulgaria team celebrates another anniversary

Our Third Team Member

David Anachkov started helping in the bookshop as a 16-year-old and continued to support the team and ministry until he left in 2014. To our joy, David came back to CLC again six months later — early in 2015. He is like a pillar to the existence, maintenance and development of our website and all the social media connected to it. A high percentage of our sales comes through the website. David is also a source of ideas in every area of our ministry and is a great blessing to our team.

A Miracle Moment

For a few years the CLC book bus, used to distribute Christian literature around the country, had been unused because we did not have the resources — financial or human — to maintain and operate it. We prayed about this and really hoped to find someone we could give it to. We did not even dare to hope that we could sell it. Our desire was that it should serve once again as a bus for bookselling because it was adapted for that purpose, but that seemed to be an impossibility. We will never forget that moment in 2011 when a miracle happened and we sold the bus to the biggest Christian publisher in the country! Today it still serves its purpose in the distribution of Christian literature for God’s Kingdom in Bulgaria.

Interesting History:

A Landmark for CLC

A landmark in our CLC history was the purchase of a shop property and moving there from our previous rented property in 2005. It was the biggest project of our ministry in Bulgaria — and a great miracle! We are thankful to God and to everyone who contributed to the financing of this project through CLC International Office.

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