Open in the Evenings by Lina Pinkevich 

We are pleased that the CLC premises are working extra time in the evening!
At the moment, one senior and two youth Bible Study groups are held at CLC Belarus.


CLC Belarus was initiated by CLC UK in the 1990s, and it has been a privilege to witness the development of the ministry over the past 22 years. We can see tremendous growth — and count God’s blessings! When CLC Belarus started, there were just a few Christian books in the Russian language and most of them were printed outside of what had been the Soviet Union. CLC Belarus has now made its own contribution towards increasing Russian language Christian books with 8,800 Bibles, 13 new book titles, 40,000 calendars, about 100,000 post cards and some other miscellaneous gift items produced by CLC Belarus. We also published a series of 15 titles of Spurgeon’s sermons translated by CLC.

All the progress of the work was possible with the help of CLC International, CLC UK, CLC Hungary and gifts from different people around the world. It seems that these are just statistics of the business progress — but no, God’s miraculous works and saved lives are what count in the end!

Belarus Bible study group

Interesting History:
Celebrating a Bible Publication in 1564!

In 1564, the Brest Bible was published. This is also known as the Radziwill Bible as it was published with funding from Prince Nicholas Radziwill.

Lina Pinkevich writes:
“A historical performance, entitled The Bible of Prince Radziwill, was organised by the evangelical church in Minsk and was enacted in Brest in 2016. There was a huge advertising campaign for the production, and CLC Belarus had their logo included in the material — three large billboard signs in the city and leaflets handed out to many people and distributed on buses.

CLC also sold tickets for the event. The performance was excellent and showed Prince Radziwill’s conversion and how it influenced the political and economic situation in the country; the gospel was proclaimed extensively.”

*It is also interesting to note the Radziwill family motto is “God advises us”.

Belarus leaflet

belarus-children-bookAnnouncing the Birth of a Book

We are pleased that in 2015 our ‘baby’ — the children’s Good ABC Book — was ‘delivered’ from the printing machine. It is a colourful book with Bible stories and little verses that are connected with the Russian alphabet. Children and their parents love the book very much.

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