How Shall These Things Be?

by Patrick Omukhango

Bishop Gitaari pastors a large church network in Kenya. He had a few books published and was trusting God for the finance to publish more. In Kenya, an author has to have a lot of funds to publish a book, being obliged to print thousands of copies at a time, which brings further expense for warehousing.

At a conference in 2015, there was a prophecy that he would be publishing a book every three months in 2016! A sermon the following Sunday, on Mary and her reaction, ‘How shall these things be?’, when the angel visited her to announce the virgin conception, was the Bishop’s reaction regarding the prophecy he had received.

Two days later, a friend of Bishop Gitaari, who had just discovered CLC Kenya’s POD project, called Bishop Gitaari and announced the good news of the possibilities that POD offered. Bishop Gitaari went to CLC the following day to see for himself and said, “I know God answers prayers, but I did not expect He would answer mine this fast”. Within a month, through POD, he released four new titles!

Lighting the Fires of Revival in Kenya!

Bishop Gichana is a leader of one of the mainstream churches in Kenya. For a long time he had been looking for the book, God on Fire, by Fred Hartley, a title that he had read a long time ago and which had made an impact on him. He wanted the book so he could share it with other pastors. In December, 2015, Bishop Gichana was excited to discover that the book was published by CLC and that through POD it could be accessed easily. Once we got the rights from CLC USA, we printed it for him and, in less than two months, he had bought over 500 copies of God on Fire and Church on Fire. These he gave out for free to other pastors and key leaders in Kenya. He has held conferences and meetings all over the country using the two books as key tools to light the fires of revival in Kenya.

Books from POD in Kenya

A Moving Story

Since CLC Kenya started in 2007, the main bookshop and wholesale outlet in Nairobi has had to move twice! Praise the Lord that God led Patrick Omukhango and the rest of the team to an ideal new location which so far has served us well and has also accommodated the new Print on Demand (POD) system that CLC Kenya is making good use of.

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