Impact Lugano

by Carlo Ciafani

In June, 2015, CLC Lugano attended ‘Impact Lugano’, an evangelistic event organised by the Pentecostal European Fellowship in collaboration with seven churches in and around Lugano. About 60 young men and women from different parts of Europe came to do performances, with music and testimonies, to bring the Gospel to the streets of the city — to local residents as well as international tourists. In the evenings, they all gathered together in a large conference hall for music and ministry, and a number of people accepted Jesus into their lives. This event gave our bookshop opportunities to make closer links with participating churches and to play a part in this evangelistic event.

Impact Lugano in Switzerland
impact Lugano in Switzerland

Open Doors

In November, 2015, CLC Lugano was invited to the Open Doors conference for the presentation of the Ticino (the Italian speaking part of Switzerland) branch of that mission. Our bookshop was able to present a selection of books about the persecuted church, and the participants appreciated our involvement.

Customers Selling Books

One day, a customer entering the bookshop met up with a friend. Chatting together about this and that, the customer strongly recommended the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, saying to his friend that this book had challenged and changed his life. Another customer overheard the conversation and started asking questions about that particular book. On that occasion, we sold four copies of Crazy Love! It is great when customers themselves recommend good Christian books to their friends.

Carlo Ciafani presents the book Crazy Love

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