Cote d'Ivoire


A Mother Figure

by Hervé Lessous

The last CLC overseas missionary in the country, Eliane Coste, worked in Côte d’Ivoire for about 15 years before returning to France in 2002. She was called home to the Lord in December, 2015. As well as being a faithful and commited member of the CLC team, she became very much a ‘mother figure’ for many CLC colleagues, including Martine Foto who is the Manager of CLC in Côte d’Ivoire.  We praise God for CLC members who are willing to serve overseas and form close bonds with our national workers.

Shop Face-Lift

Marine from CLC BouakeIn 2015, CLC in Bouake was given a fresh coat of paint and a new sign put up outside. Marie Sekongo, the manager, raised some of the money to do this by selling an old cash register for a good price!


CLC was initially pioneered in Côte d’Ivoire in 1961, but it opened officially in July, 1962. It was one of the first Christian bookshops in the country and contributed to the opening of CLC Burkina Faso, CLC Benin and CLC Togo (now closed). In the heart of the country, the mission of CLC opened in Trechville and Abobo—both in Abidjan—and Bouake and Korhogo. In recent years, the work has closed in Abobo and Korhogo.


by Martine Foto

CLC Côte d’Ivoire actively took part in the first ever International Christian Book and Publishing Fair in July, 2015. This was a very enriching experience which brought together publishing houses and bookshops on the same platform.

In November 2014, as a shop manager, I participated in the publishers’ exhibition in Lognes, France. It was an enriching experience, which enabled me to make contacts and develop relationships with the directors of a number of publishing houses and with staff of Livr’Afrique and CLC. All this was to the advantage of the work in Côte d’Ivoire.

Martine Foto, Antoine Roberge and Emmanuel Ladeyo

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