Overview of the Early Days

by Gamaliel Padilla

CLC Bolivia, in Santa Cruz, opened in 2013 and, since then, it has been a time of hard work, learning and adaptation. The start of the ministry, with the great challenge of setting up the bookshop and distribution, has tested everything we have learned over many years (previously with CLC Venezuela), and it is still a learning process. Despite a slow and sometimes difficult start, we have seen the Lord’s hand in every situation and His abundant grace every day.

The main task during this time has been to promote the ministry in various events: participating in pastors’ meetings, conferences, book tables in churches, visiting Bible schools and holding seminars with the Thompson Bible Institute. Regarding the Christian book market, there are many small bookshops located in various market places and churches, often in a very informal way. There are also a handful of distributors, some with many years of experience in the country, but often with flexible discount policies. Our task is to serve the Christian community well and make sure that our work with Christian resources is also recognised as a ministry.

CLC Bolivia team

Books That Are A Blessing!

In 2014, CLC had a stand at the International Book Fair. College students are obliged to attend this event, and we had a lot of young people visit us. One book that sold well was Every Young Woman’s Battle by Shannon Ethridge and Stephen Arterburn. Some of these customers returned to tell us how the book had helped and blessed them. Bolivia has significant numbers of adolescent pregnancies, so the message in this book gives good and relevant advice.

Bolivia book table

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