Special Guests at CLC Montpellier

by Hervé Lessous

In many cities we unfortunately see young girls on the streets, trapped into prostitution by mafias that promise them regular jobs in Europe as maids or nannies. The young victims in Montpellier are aged from 14 to about 23 and come mostly from Nigeria. A group of volunteers with a ministry called ‘Hope and Joy’ meet these girls on the streets at night and offer them hot chocolate, sandwiches and warm clothes. Since January, 2015, they have also been invited to the mezzanine floor of the CLC bookshop in Montpellier where missionaries share the Word of God with them one afternoon a week. Up to eight come each week – they are not always the same girls but at least one comes very regularly. The missionaries in charge of the Bible ‘study’ are very grateful to CLC for opening their doors and hearts to these girls and have told us that the effect on the girls who come is really positive. We love to do what we can to help, and see our bookshop as a ‘little light’ for the girls in their difficult lives. We care about them, but we know the Lord cares even more.

Marthe and Chantal at the Montpellier bookshop

A ‘Forever Grateful’ Moment:

CLC France’s New Warehouse

When Marks and Spencer closed all their shops in France, one of their suppliers of peaches had to sell its depot next to peach orchards just south of Montélimar. This happened in 2007, just when CLC France was looking for a new site for their HQ and warehouse as their current one was too small. We saw God’s provision in so many ways! The old location, with housing, was sold and all our team members where able to find new housing in the area. We were able to buy the warehouse with extra land— some of which we have used for an extension. Permission was even granted from the Mayor to operate in an exclusively agricultural zone! Alterations to the building were carried out and now we are located on a main road with great visibility instead of being hidden among the trees up a hill between two villages. We lift up grateful hearts to God!

Aerial view of CLC France's warehouse

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